Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day 11 - Coffee Again..

By Kenn

The cool fog lifted from Port d'Escale as I brought freshly ground Columbian coffee to my sleeping wife. As I entered the room, I could see the white pasty drool ooze from her mouth and witnessed the fact that she hadn't removed the goo from her sleepy eyes. The caffeine was lovingly enjoyed sip by sip...and I was grossed out.

We met Bob & Judy the next morning to say hello. We also met "Mr. Nautical" our neighbour who thought that we had disconnected his power during the night.

We left on an expedition to see if we could warm our croissants at a local religious establishment, however were told that we would not be looked upon favourably if we were to roast the croissants over the prayer candles. I did find it ironic that you can pay more to have a larger candle....

We ate at Jardin de Nelson and ate some really great crépes. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 10 - Port d'Escale

By Corey
We awoke on the wall at Saint-Anne-de-Bellevue to the sounds of trains and cars flying by Hwy 20 and the adjacent rail line. This day marks the last day of WhiteBread :( Thankfully the grocery store across the street had some. Oh, and this is Jonathans last day too. Aaron and Michelle drove up to eat brunch at one of the waterfront bars then took Jonathan home.
The plan for this day was suppose to be simple: 30 miles of cruising in the sun, two locks and we're in Montreal. This could not be further from the truth. We waited for a total of 4 hours at the locks for three ships to pass and three massive thunderstorms. So we took on the 7 knot current in the dark, I found it pretty fun, then again, I wasn't driving. We arrived in Port d'Escale at 22:30 and met Bob and Judy on their trawler "Sanderling" (they were in Napanee half way through July). After connecting water and power we fell asleep in air-conditioned comfort. (How did Mr. Nautical lose his power?)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Day 9 - we are out of the RED ZONE

By Aaron
We woke up and Jonathan and I cooked sausages for breakfast, and we feasted on sausages and croissants.
Then we left, drove for awhile and came to a huge 66-foot lock with a guillotine door. Then we went to a marina and got a pump out. We are now out of the Red Zone!
Then we drove to another lock, along the way we played euchre. This lock was 9 inches. We tied up to a wall, played cards and fell asleep.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Day 8 - Leaving Ottawa

By Jonathan
We woke up way too early to get to the blue line for the eight flight lock the last of our 49 locks (finally!) Luckily we made it just in time or else we would be four hours waiting and that would suck. After we were done the locks we cruised down the Ottawa River. Then we anchored out near Petrie Island Beach and swam off the boat for awhile. We lounged on the boat and cruised to Montebello for the night. We went to Zouk's for dinner. Sadly, all the Morrisons are rather fluent in French - I am not but they still insisted that the waitress speak in French (pure torture). After we picked up a few groceries, we went back to the boat and played euchre. After that Aaron and I sat up top and watched stars for a little while then went to bed.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Day 7 - Museum of Civilization

By Katie
We woke up to a very loud band walking by our boat (not the best way to wake up). We had a small breakfast then we went to the Mall and the Apple Store (of course). Corey bought his laptop and then we wnet to brunch at Victoria Tratorria. After the delicious food, we went for a one kilometer walk over a bridge. To get to the Museum of Civilzation and the Childrens Museum. Arron and Katie had a race across the bridge (Katie won). After too many hours at the museum of boringness, we had some dinner at The Fourpoints. Then we went back to a museum to watch an Imax Movice called Rescue.

After a day of fun learning (not) we went back to the boat and played up and down the river. We were all tired after that so we just went to bed.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day 6 - Ottawa and the Stanley Cup...

By Kim

Kenny woke up bright and early after a warm nights sleep and moved SeaMorr in multiple steps to a good spot on the Canal docks with power thanks to that long extension cord! We hadvmoved 4 times before Aaron rolled over and said "we moved.?"

Strolling towards downtown we lucked out and passed the Bruins coach and his family getting a photo shoot done with the Stanley cup! Kenn recognized his high school buddy Mike Bolt who travels with the cup and the kids were able to get their picture taken with the cup...we even zeroed in on the leafs last win! (last century)

We headed to Parliament Hill to watch the changing of the guard. The only thing stopping us from complaining we were hot was watching the guards in their bearskin hats.

We wandered through the market, found berries & croissants then headed back to the boat. The plan was to have the kids take the dingy to the restaurant on Dowes Lake and the four adults would walk down. Half way, we found a restaurant and decided not to walk the rest of the way (it was a lot further than we thought!) Corey for once had separated himself from his cell phone so communication was challenging. Kenn called all three restaurants down the lake and eventually the kids figured it out and headed back. Heading back to the boat we watched a boat trying to get under the lift bridge which wasn't scheduled to go up til 4pm....the time of the wedding fro the bride on board! Corey wnet out in the dingy to offer a ride but somehow they snuck under with inches to spare!

In the afternoon, the boys all went to the war museum while the girls went to war at the mall.

That evening (is anyone reading this?) the kids stayed on the boat and ordered pizza - not an easy thing to have delivered to a boat with no fixed address and the adults found a great patio in a stone courtyard and had steak and lamb.

We said good bye to the Cowles and headed up Parliament Hill again. First we were watching the fireworks over the Casino d'Hull, then found this awesome light show called Mosaika. They project a light and laser show on the centre block of the Parliament buildings all about Canada and its people. It was totally cool.

That night we all slept soundly with air conditioned comfort.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Day 5 - coffee in bed (again....)

By Kenn

The cool fog lifted from the river below as I brought freshly ground Bolivian coffee to my sleeping wife. She knows she has the best life of anyone and is extremely fortunate to have found me in a drunken stupor over 20 years ago...I digress but let's get back to our adventure.

This day started with the firing up of the willing 440 HP Yanmar turbo diesel and sliding her forward. The bow sliced the river and the smell of freshly brewed coffee reminded me my wife was still sleeping and in a deep daze.

We had arranged parts to be sent to Pirates Cove Marina. We arrived as they were received. We spent an hour installing the new shower sump and were back up and going again. Kim had returned with AJK from a swim.

We had dinner at The C ourtyard and had a great meal...and tomorrow, Kimmy wants to see an actual sunrise.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day 4 - Off to Burritts Rapids

By Corey

After waking up in air conditioned comfort to birds singing, sun shining and a white bread cooking, we descended the biggest lock in the system (29 feet). We had a 17 mile & 12 lock run to Burritts Rapids. Along the way we met the Bb sisters kayaking along the Rideau in one of the locks.

After a brief stop over in Merrickville to be a tourist attraction and order a new sump we continued along the windy river that seems more like a Disney Junglr Cruise, I was waiting to see Mickey Mouse selling $10 hot-dogs in a little stand.

Bistro Lock 17 is a nice small town restaurant, that according to Kenn sells exotic foods like "green stuff" aka salad. Kenn wasn't the only one who expanded their vocabulary, Katie learned what a shark is.

We were lucky enough to fit into a 41 foot dock space, with the help of the thrusters, it almost looks like we know what we are doing. Parks Canada was sure to collect their $9.80 for power, so we had to make the best of it, by the end of the day both air conditioners were in full power and even the ice maker was up and running.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day 3 - leaving Sand Lake

By Aaron
We woke up anchored in the middle of a river and jumped in, then we cast off and drove for awhile. We did a few locks and stopped near a "foul area" meaning birds, but I think bird type is fowl. Then we blared through a narrow channel that looked like a jungle cruise, and came to a lock in the middle of nowhere, and after that, arrived in Smiths Falls.

We went to dinner at the Kilt 'n Castle, a Scottish pub style restaurant. Then the Whites left, but forgot Jonathan. We watched a movie, then went asleep.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day 2 - Sand Lake

By Jonathan
We left Hotel Kenney at 9:30 and went through 4 locks up Jones's Falls. Then we went through 2 more locks till we came to a nice little spot in sand lake (good thing everyone was watching their charts or three boats would have followed us.....wait.....they did!). We anchored just off Rock Island to swim and eat lunch. Everyone was having a great time jumping off the top, Michelle was being a total chicken and took a lot of persuasion to take the 8ft drop. After another lock and some cruising we anchored for an afternoon swim, while Corey took Ben in the dingy to see if there is room on the wall for the night. Since the wall was full we decided to stay anchored for the night and play things after dinner. We did discover Kenn probably has a weekend wife...

Monday, August 1, 2011

Day 1 - lock #49...

By Logan
We started by leaving from Kingston Marina at 10:00 for our long voyage up the Cataraqui River. We went through 7 locks and two bridges. Then we found the perfect spot to swim. We swam for about an hour. Then we set sail for Jones Falls. We had dinner then came back to the boat and watched a bit of a movie then went to bed at Hotel Kenney.

 We entered the first lock with KKCAK and AMJLB and were able to make some distance as they held the lock doors for us. This saved us many hours as we were able to lock the three locks without issue.

The dingying with Ben whose life jacket "blew off" was rectified when Corey told Michelle she should wear her LJ as she may get wet on the trip to SeaMorr.

We called the 12 year old to make sure we had a spot at the lock at Jones Falls, however he forgot to tell anyone. We were able to straddle the dock, get some power and have some great food with great friends.