Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day 6 - Ottawa and the Stanley Cup...

By Kim

Kenny woke up bright and early after a warm nights sleep and moved SeaMorr in multiple steps to a good spot on the Canal docks with power thanks to that long extension cord! We hadvmoved 4 times before Aaron rolled over and said "we moved.?"

Strolling towards downtown we lucked out and passed the Bruins coach and his family getting a photo shoot done with the Stanley cup! Kenn recognized his high school buddy Mike Bolt who travels with the cup and the kids were able to get their picture taken with the cup...we even zeroed in on the leafs last win! (last century)

We headed to Parliament Hill to watch the changing of the guard. The only thing stopping us from complaining we were hot was watching the guards in their bearskin hats.

We wandered through the market, found berries & croissants then headed back to the boat. The plan was to have the kids take the dingy to the restaurant on Dowes Lake and the four adults would walk down. Half way, we found a restaurant and decided not to walk the rest of the way (it was a lot further than we thought!) Corey for once had separated himself from his cell phone so communication was challenging. Kenn called all three restaurants down the lake and eventually the kids figured it out and headed back. Heading back to the boat we watched a boat trying to get under the lift bridge which wasn't scheduled to go up til 4pm....the time of the wedding fro the bride on board! Corey wnet out in the dingy to offer a ride but somehow they snuck under with inches to spare!

In the afternoon, the boys all went to the war museum while the girls went to war at the mall.

That evening (is anyone reading this?) the kids stayed on the boat and ordered pizza - not an easy thing to have delivered to a boat with no fixed address and the adults found a great patio in a stone courtyard and had steak and lamb.

We said good bye to the Cowles and headed up Parliament Hill again. First we were watching the fireworks over the Casino d'Hull, then found this awesome light show called Mosaika. They project a light and laser show on the centre block of the Parliament buildings all about Canada and its people. It was totally cool.

That night we all slept soundly with air conditioned comfort.

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