Friday, August 5, 2011

Day 5 - coffee in bed (again....)

By Kenn

The cool fog lifted from the river below as I brought freshly ground Bolivian coffee to my sleeping wife. She knows she has the best life of anyone and is extremely fortunate to have found me in a drunken stupor over 20 years ago...I digress but let's get back to our adventure.

This day started with the firing up of the willing 440 HP Yanmar turbo diesel and sliding her forward. The bow sliced the river and the smell of freshly brewed coffee reminded me my wife was still sleeping and in a deep daze.

We had arranged parts to be sent to Pirates Cove Marina. We arrived as they were received. We spent an hour installing the new shower sump and were back up and going again. Kim had returned with AJK from a swim.

We had dinner at The C ourtyard and had a great meal...and tomorrow, Kimmy wants to see an actual sunrise.

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