Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day 2 - Sand Lake

By Jonathan
We left Hotel Kenney at 9:30 and went through 4 locks up Jones's Falls. Then we went through 2 more locks till we came to a nice little spot in sand lake (good thing everyone was watching their charts or three boats would have followed us.....wait.....they did!). We anchored just off Rock Island to swim and eat lunch. Everyone was having a great time jumping off the top, Michelle was being a total chicken and took a lot of persuasion to take the 8ft drop. After another lock and some cruising we anchored for an afternoon swim, while Corey took Ben in the dingy to see if there is room on the wall for the night. Since the wall was full we decided to stay anchored for the night and play things after dinner. We did discover Kenn probably has a weekend wife...

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