Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day 11 - Coffee Again..

By Kenn

The cool fog lifted from Port d'Escale as I brought freshly ground Columbian coffee to my sleeping wife. As I entered the room, I could see the white pasty drool ooze from her mouth and witnessed the fact that she hadn't removed the goo from her sleepy eyes. The caffeine was lovingly enjoyed sip by sip...and I was grossed out.

We met Bob & Judy the next morning to say hello. We also met "Mr. Nautical" our neighbour who thought that we had disconnected his power during the night.

We left on an expedition to see if we could warm our croissants at a local religious establishment, however were told that we would not be looked upon favourably if we were to roast the croissants over the prayer candles. I did find it ironic that you can pay more to have a larger candle....

We ate at Jardin de Nelson and ate some really great crépes. 

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