Sunday, August 7, 2011

Day 7 - Museum of Civilization

By Katie
We woke up to a very loud band walking by our boat (not the best way to wake up). We had a small breakfast then we went to the Mall and the Apple Store (of course). Corey bought his laptop and then we wnet to brunch at Victoria Tratorria. After the delicious food, we went for a one kilometer walk over a bridge. To get to the Museum of Civilzation and the Childrens Museum. Arron and Katie had a race across the bridge (Katie won). After too many hours at the museum of boringness, we had some dinner at The Fourpoints. Then we went back to a museum to watch an Imax Movice called Rescue.

After a day of fun learning (not) we went back to the boat and played up and down the river. We were all tired after that so we just went to bed.

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