Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Lobsters: 15ish (I sorta lost count) Morrisons: 1.

So, like 4 separate things happened today, but I quite seriously don't remember them. I do, however, remember this: We caught a lobster.
This one, specifically
No longer can anyone mock us for our inability to gather food from mother nature, no longer must we endure the tiny laughs of lobster at us for being forced to let them live, now we may hold our heads high with pride because we caught one.

Ya, anyways, today we caught a lobster. The whole "lobster hunting trip" started with us taking the dinghy along a really long beach looking for coral heads (that's where the lobsters live). Since we didn't find any, we stopped on the beach and played some tennis-ball-and-rescue-paddle baseball.
We're classy people
After Kimmy struck out four separate times, we cruised around in the dinghy for a while looking for lobster hiding places. Eventually we found one, and it actually had a lobster hiding in it. After trying multiple times to spear it, Corey let me take a try. I missed. And then he missed. And then I missed again. We were lucky that the lobster was being nice and not fleeing for his life, instead choosing to stand directly in the line of fire.
This is what I look like seconds before failing to shoot a lobster
Eventually, we speared it (speaking of which, the spear shooter thnige we use is called a Hawaiian Sling. Wikipedia link).
This is what a lobster looks like when impaled on a spear,
because I know that you woke up this morning wondering what that looks like

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