Tuesday, March 11, 2014

All the things that we did in Great Exuma. Except SCUBA. Not SCUBA.

So, right now we're in Great Exuma, the most southernly island that we will be visiting on this trip. Unfortunately, we will be turning around soon (very sad, very sad) and I feel colder already. But, before we turn around, we are spending some time in Great Exuma, a really quite very cool island. Here, we:

  • Chilled at the Tropic of Cancer Beach, conveniently located directly next to the Tropic of Cancer, a line of latitude located at 23° 26' 14.675″ (according to wikipedia), which has something or other to do with coffee or something. It was a very nice beach, and probably one of our top five beaches of the trip. Which is a list we should probably make for real.


  • Went SCUBA (which stands for Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus, if anyone was wondering) diving, which I would tell you about, but Katie is writing that blog post.

  • Ate lunch (twice) at a beachside bar called Santanas, where they serve deep fried Lobster, deep fried Grouper, deep fried Chicken, and deep fried Shrimp. Just because we're in such good shape.

  • Went to a grocery store. Which really sound unimpressive, except that it was the only grocery store that we've found in the past three weeks. They had actual, liquid, in-a-plastic-container, fresh, milk (which is rare in the Bahamas).

  • Ate dinner at really nice restaurant next to the marina, where the menu said that they had rack of lamb (Kimmy really likes rack of lamb), but where they didn't actually have rack of lamb (which Kimmy didn't really like). The pork chop was good though, so we had that going for us.

  • Found a really good butcher shop where they had beef. Beef is also really rare in the Bahamas. Wow, I just realized how much of this blog post pertains to food. I'm sorry, readers, I didn't want to make it seem like all we did all day was eat. We also relax. And drink frozen drinks. Daiquiris and beaches and sun and ocean is the best combo since PB&J. Which was a really good combo. I just lost my train of thought, where was I? Oh, right, the ending. Bye!

  • -Aaron

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