Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Lee Stocking Island

This beautiful anchorage is stereotypical of the Bahamas we have come to know and love - crystal clear blue waters, lots of reefs and fish, beautiful beaches, few people around and yes, lots of empty building left to the elements.

We arrived in the early afternoon and met up with our friends the Haas's. We went out to snorkel and maybe try yet again to catch some dinner such as lobster (to no avail - lobsters 15 or more, Morrison's 0)  En route to finding a suitable reef we came across a beach of pink iguanas, and might have interrupted a couple looking for some privacy on a deserted beach (no pics of that one!!)

We found a pretty reef and took home only pictures, luckily having BBQ chicken and hamburgers with the Haas's for dinner.  They make amazing bread from scratch!

We have no idea what kind of fish this is…. any ideas?
The next day we went over to the island where there used to be the Perry Caribbean Research Centre.  Unfortunately they ran out of funding a couple of years ago, and look like they walked away,  having left pretty much everything there.  Storage buildings with spare parts, the old dive shack with boat repair lists still on the board, an old runway far too bumpy to land on now, empty offices with old lab notes, floppy disks (Katie wasn't sure what these were….), dry fish tanks, rusting equipment - some of it was kind of spooky.

Might take a bit to get this tractor going again! 
We hiked up a hill (relative term in the Bahamas) to some amazing views. Then it was time to go back to the boat for a nap!

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