Monday, March 24, 2014

Exumas Land & Sea Park: We Ate Fish

As our journey north had commenced, we planned on visiting new places and doing new things we missed on the way south. This includes stopping at Wardrick Wells, the headquarters of the Exuma Land & Sea Park. From Cambridge Cay we used our "Canadian Politeness" over the radio and were able to reserve the last available mooring ball for the night in the north mooring field (the place everyone wants to be). We entered the marked channel and passed all the sailboats on the outer mooring balls until we reached #22 at the very end of the row. With an incoming tide, we had an unimpeded view of the cut and untouched islands for miles ahead. On an outgoing tide, we simply turned our chairs around. It's not always bad to be last.

The main reason for visiting Wardrick Wells was to follow the age old tradition of climbing BooBoo Hill and leaving a piece of driftwood with your boats name inscribed on it. We constructed a sign out of seashells and driftwood we collected long ago and set off up the hill. In our usual fashion, we didn't take the tourist beaten usual route and opted (through someone's map reading abilities…) to take the path less traveled. Long walk short, we saw the whole island and mastered the art of balancing on uneven rock and rickety old bridges and made it to the summit. By "summit" I mean a relatively gigantic mountain that allows you to see miles in every direction, even over the masts of all the sailboats, on one of the highest points in the whole entire Exumas… (for those of you that haven't been, you'll be impressed. For those of you who have, just play along with it). We left our sign as a memory of our last day in the Exumas and headed back to SeaMorr sitting peacefully in the still clear waters of the mooring field.

NOTE: the Exumas Land & Sea Park is a no-take zone. Removing any organic or inorganic material is strictly prohibited and severe penalties are enforced. There are 4 Royal Bahamian Military members stationed on Wardrick Wells, all of whom carry very big intimidating weapons… so that fish we ate was "dolphin safe tuna" we bought in a grocery store way back in Fort Lauderdale. We didn't break any rules or regulations while inside the Land & Sea Park and to those of you at the park who we gave our blog address too, I hope you have a very pleasant day:)

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