Friday, March 28, 2014

Heading towards Home ;( / :)

We're almost home, happy for some, (Corey getting to see Julio again) and sad for others (Kimmy doesn't get to lay on the beach anymore). For those of you not on a boat in the Bahamas, to cross from Florida to the Bahamas, you go from somewhere in Florida to Bimini to Chub Cay to Nassau and then wherever after that. So we are in Nassau, waiting for the 50 mph winds to leave so that we can get to Chub in one day then Bimini (and waiting there for a weather window) then to Florida. 

During the last week of bad weather we have been hiding out in Palm Cay, and exploring Nassau, with our awesome friends on "Stephanie M". We have rented a car and visited many places in town and out of town.
Such as........
-  The boys went boat shopping (mom was happy that they didn't buy anything)
Dad bought strange small brown paper bags off a sketchy venter beside the road,(they were filled with peanuts just for clarification)  

Went to an awesome restaurant, where Stephanie(from Stephanie M.) played a very intense game of checkers

One night we saw the sunset at a national park

 And many more adventures

The marina we have been hiding out at has totally changed attitudes, making for a different experience, yet all in all it's been an awesome time in Nassau.   

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