Thursday, February 27, 2014

We'll call it our snow day….

Today was supposed to be flat, calm, sunny and wonderful if you were to read the forecast from three different sources. Now, all three sources may get their data from one source as we heard from a fourth source that the weather was going to be bumpy. Well, the fourth source was right and the other three were way off.

So, we are calling it our snow day…the weather should have made us stay home, but we need to leave in order to find calmer waters, and a new home.

Instead of calm seas, we had large waves lapping our boat from 1:30am on and we decided to leave at 7:00am. Our friends from Northern Phoenix ( decided to leave from Black Point and head to Georgetown. After they left, they passed through the cut and were into calm waters, in the ocean. We left about thirty minutes after them…here is them leaving…..

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