Sunday, February 23, 2014

Safe Travels

We said au revoir to Julia and Jonathan this morning - Flamingo Air - what can we say - it has awesome luggage tags!!

We then watched Canada win GOLD in the mens hockey with all the other Canadians here - too cool to be in a bar in the Bahamas watching hockey (but we did decide it was a little early for the daiquiris…..)

and spent the rest of the day just hanging out , said au revoir aussi to the fishes in the grotto, the pigs on the beach and sharks under the boat and planned for our trip further south tomorrow.

Kenny's favourite is Tony - squealing though doesn't mean he wants to be picked up!

Lie down for a nap with the piglets
Until one starts eating your pants!

This is taken from the bow of the dingy in front of SeaMorr
They feel like sandpaper!

As an added bonus we saw our first true "green flash" at sunset - (and yes I was too busy watching it to take a picture…) but it was truly beautiful!

We miss you Julio & Jonny!  Thanks for coming to visit - come back any time!

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