Sunday, February 23, 2014

Medal Standings….

So, this is what I am thinking…..

The standings (depending on if you are looking at CBC, TSN or NBC), every country is ranked by the number of gold medals the country has won or the number of total medals. As Canada has more gold medals than the US, we rank higher than the US on TSN. On NBC, the US is higher than Canada as they have more medals, just not as many gold or silver ones as Canada.

As this is a major controversy (at least in my mind), I have figured out a way to make this all fair and seemingly more worthwhile.

We should truly look at the TOTAL number of medals that the country received.

The way I count it, Canada is bringing home an additional 25 gold medals for the mens hockey and 25 gold medals for the women hockey.

So the stats shown below are total incorrect as Canada should have 50+ more gold medals. Well done Canada.

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