Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Just like home

We have been hanging out on St. George's Cay, better known as Spanish Wells for the past few days. It is a small town, just like Napanee where the people are so friendly.  People drive around in golf carts mostly, with the occasional gator, and the rare car.  Even the police use a golf cart!  The speed limit on the whole island is less than 25 mph.

Everyone waves and stops to say "hello, how are you" & by day 3 we could recognize people all over the place (&  they us of course.... Like the lady in the ice cream store who's reply to our question of what flavours were available tonight was "the same as when you were here last night !")

Thankfully (from our heart's health perspective) we only went to Norma's Take Away once -

The burger is called "My Girl"
It was REALLY good!
We met Jean who runs the Spanish Wells museum & gives an amazing tour of the town's history through the natives, (Aaron liked that the Lucyans were the inventors of the hammock) the early settlers, to present day where the phone book has 9 surnames, and fishing (or mostly lobstering) plays such an important role in their livelihood (& yes we learned that "lobster condos" are real)

We rented a golf cart and toured around the island one day.  Only almost ran it off the dock once….

There is lots of real estate for sale here  the views can be spectacular! Pink beaches, crystal clear water...... The houses are quite varied - some in various states of disrepair from the last big hurricane & some very beautifully painted with lots of flowering plants & cute names like "Sand Castle".


We could come back & spend lots of time here relaxing ! 

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