Saturday, February 8, 2014

Cape Eleuthera Institute, Awesome School, Future Job

Today we visited The Cape Eleuthra Institute/Island School. It all began the night before with a talk with one of the very passionate representatives of the shark team, Owen O'shea. So the next morning we visited the school to learn more about it. It was an amazing experience! This Institute is a marine research facility, working to conserve and preserve marine ecology. They are a self-sustaining environment growing lettuce, spices, and other foods, they conserve water, and create more power then they use, using solar and wind power. Everyone there, was as experienced and passionate as Owen. This facility, researches and does hands-on experiments in the environment, including tagging sharks, experiments on use of sunscreen effecting fish, turtle research and even mangrove rehabilitation.

Please check out this amazing school

Here is Owen trying to catch and tag a BULL SHARK! 

After touring the institute, our tour guide Mackie Violich, was telling stories about the whole institute but mostly about her research/ the shark team when she brought out these things…..

Ya, imagine laying on the beach, sun tanning when these little crustaceans wash up beside you!

These things are described as the giant potato bug of the sea! YUCK! These are called Bathynomus. Or the Giant Isopod. They are scavengers, so when a whale, dolphin, shark or other fish dies and sinks to the bottom these guys will eat it.

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