Friday, February 14, 2014

28 years later.....

As we have headed back to Nassau and stayed at Atlantis for a couple days (make sure you say 'hi' to Monsieur Louis), we used the internet machine to find Dwayne Roker. Dwayne and I went to high school together and we had gone our separate ways in 1986 after graduating. (That was back in the days when there wasn't internet and you actually looked at someone and talked to them). Nowadays, you hop on Facebook, send a message and presto, you are off to The Poop Deck for dinner. Dwayne looks the exact same and it was kind of cool to just pick up where you left off, 28 years earlier!

So, if you want to widen the silo, definitely go for the Mahi Mahi (also known locally as dolphin, but not the dolphin you are thinking of), as it is awesome. We did try the cracked conch fritters and we all agree, cracked conch fritters are way better than the conch salad.

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