Thursday, December 12, 2013

We ran and ran and ran …. 26 miles in (a) Marathon

Ya right…. Just kidding - Actually quite the opposite - we are back in Marathon FL - a totally laid back and relaxed place - no exertion, sore feet or knees and the sweating is only from lying in the sun on the beach. Which is what we did for the afternoon.  In the morning the boys and I dove "Thunderbolt" - a sunken US Navy ship sitting 100' underwater - totally cool, if not a bit spooky.  Apparently they put glow sticks in the windows for a Halloween dive in case its not creepy enough already! 

The second part of the dive was at a coral reef where we saw a very colourful Moray Eel (which thankfully didn't come out to nip at us) and Aaron tried his hand at lobstering.

This one was too small to keep

The couple on the boat in front of us at the dock are lovely, she is wheelchair bound and he plays taps every night on his trumpet at sunset.  They have a beautiful Christmas tree on the stern of their boat, so to be part of the festive spirit, Katie and Kenny decorated SeaMorr with icicle lights all around.  

We are saving the big picture for  later….. 
In the afternoon we took the dingy to the beach and lounged on the beach and in the water watching the scenery.  Katie worked on her creative photography skills with the left overs of  the BEvERages and Kenny almost didn't make it back to the boat…. or was that Katie??


We thought we'd take the dingy to a restaurant for dinner, but it took us a long time to actually find it, with storm clouds brewing, only to hear first hand there was a very loud, not so good band playing, so we ordered pizza and curled up to watch a movie in our PJ's.

A Marathon Day - Keys style

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