Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Gay Men, "Clothing Optional", Sunshine and more even stereotypes; welcome to Key West

Now to clarify, I did not judge men and determine they're gay… but this flag convinced me that there are men in Key West who happen to be gay:
It's 1.25 miles long and made of 18,000 yards of fabric and was on display "from sea to sea" in 2002. There is also an Aids Memorial. 

To now focus on all the things we did while in Key West:
1) Saw "The Southern Most Points in the Continental United States" (remember the toilets in St.           Augustine… there's a theme here)
- Waited in line with all the passengers of Carnival Magic (don't think this Carnival ship has had an issue yet… stay tuned) to get a picture

2)  USCGC Ingham (its a coast guard ship turned into a museum) 
- Most decorated and longest serving US Coast Guard ship in history (2 presidential citations in her 52 years of service: 1936-1988)
- It was left just as it was in operational condition… so we couldn't push an buttons 

3) Key West Shipwreck Treasure Museum 
- Excellent museum with "in character" guides, highly recommended if you're in Key West
- 62 pound silver bar… it's pretty heavy 
- 65ft lookout tower used to looks for ships "wrecked" upon a reef 
       - Then they'd fight a hurricane to rescue the crew and salvage the cargo for tons of money
               - Once upon a time Key West was the richest city in the US per capita because of shipwrecks

4) Rental Car Experience.

- Best part of the day, totally worth: staying up till 2:30am getting a Florida FWC boaters card, salty hair and being incredibly sore the next day
- Mom fell off trying to take a picture… about time really
- Dad and chop rolled trying to turn right at about 3 mph 
- Ocean swells of 5-6 feet and a 110hp wave runner (a more powerful Sea-Doo would be more fun, but I'd feel bad beating it up in the waves) ensured a good time
- Went slightly further south than the "southern most point in the continental US" making it the furthest south we've been on the trip thus far. 


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