Monday, December 9, 2013

Go Flipper, Go Ricardo!

Today we visited the Dolphin Research Centre!!!

We started our day at 8:15 when the taxi came to pick us up (I had to get there early to be a Trainer For A Day). So we arrived and we got signed in, then the magic happened. 

We saw the first morning feeding, then I had to part with the people that I call my family. So I have no idea what they did, but it sounds like I had more fun so I'll tell my side of the story. 

First, I started touring the park and found it's pretty cool! Then we went to go meet the dolphin moms, (Merina, and Aleta) and the newborn babies (they don't have names yet). They were SO CUTE!!!!! Then we went to go meet Tanner, a male dolphin who is about 11 years old. He painted a shirt for me!


After that, we went to a play session with Pax, a 16 year old male dolphin who is full of energy! It was so much fun!

After that fun experience we had a delicous lunch and went straight for the docks and we had a signal session with Jax (a male who is 7 years old) who got attacked by a bull shark we he was only 6-8 months old!


Then, we had the most fun part of the day - enrichment - basically we sat in an inflatable boat and threw the dolphins treats when they were being good girls and doing tricks. They let us hold their dorsal fin and they pulled us around!!! If that doesn't sound like fun, then you don't know what does! I had that fun experience with Pandora, a 16 year old female with tons of energy and loved making noise! And Calusa, a fun girl who loved pulling the boat, she is 12.

Then  there was the grand finale as the day was drawing to an end. We had our dolphin encounter where we interacted with the dolphins.  it was an amazing experience!



So all in all it was a great day and a great Christmas present! 

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