Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Morrisons go out for dinner. Thrice.

So, my job is too talk about what restaurant we went to while in Charleston. Note the singular "restaurant". If you are reading this blog post to learn about the various historic sightseeing we did while in Charleston, from eating pecans at the Boone Plantation to taking a scenic carriage ride and even standing in the fort where the first shots of the Civil War were fired, you are in the wrong place. I think Dad wrote about that.

At StickyFingersˇ, make sure you go for the 'green' delicious sauce…
makes all the grilled offerings that more delicious...

Still here? Good. You must be here to read about the succulent ribs and juicy chicken wings that we enjoyed in the friendly atmosphere at a local BBQ establishment while being waited on by friendly and helpful staff. Hopefully the place will start paying me to advertise them. The place was a restaurant called Sticky Fingers. They made great wings and half-decent ribs. We went there three nights in a row. We may or may not be boring people. The thing about the restaurant is they had 5 different sauces, each excellent. Having various sauces and great pig and wings doesn't usually result in restaurant monogamy with us, but for one reason or another, we wound up there again and again. They were even nice enough to seat us at the same table every time.

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