Monday, November 4, 2013

Beaufort, not Beaufort, Beaufort

Sunday 3rd,

Today, we came from Charleston, a 60 mile day that felt pretty short. We were joined by two other boats and a bunch and I mean a bunch of seagulls that apperantly love Cheerios! (The boats don't like the Cheerios, the seagulls do (I just thought you should know)).

Anyway the other two boats came about 30 minutes after us and there was a 12 foot tide and we got through some skinny water (just barely). The boats behind us was "plowing through the sand" literally as we heard them on the radio! 

On the way to Beaufort, we encountered a huge barge that was over 500 feet long. It consisted of tugboats, pipes, and workboats, oh my!!! But I know nothing about this as, I was asleep.

After a 7.5 hours trek (I learned that in math and wordly wise today). We finally arrived in Beaufort (BEW-furd). And I must say Beaufort is Beautiful  :). 

We got in at about 4pm, so we walked around Beaufort for awhile and got some food then came back to the boat to watch a movie and then crashed.

Monday, November 4th
Today, we woke up at about 9am and went to discover Beaufort (not on our on will, we got sucked in by Kimmy). We had a great breakfast at Blackstones and dad was too scared to meet the congressman.

After that we went shopping in town, and we went on a carriage tour, then we got some chocolate and headed back to the boat for dinner and sleep. 

Katie's top 5 

1. Meeting The Congressman........ Oh wait that didn't happen, thanks dad
2. The Carridge Tour 
3. Chocolate
4. Moms new highlights........ That she says don't exist 
5. Only 3 more months till Julio's here

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