Friday, November 1, 2013

Life is Like a Box of Chocolates...

For those of you that remember "Forest Gump", we visited the plantation where parts of it were filmed. The part where Forest is running down the driveway and his braces come off, that is exactly where we decided to go for a jog. While most of us would think we had braces on, we were able to re-enact the scene, however Tom Hanks did a much better job jogging down the driveway than we did.

Run Aary, Run...
While at the Boone Plantation or Boone Hall (which basically means 'Home'), we were able to explore the lands that made up the plantation. In its heyday, the plantation had over 4,000 acres, however the current plantation is 780 acres with a beautiful subdivision in behind the plantation. (One of the owners sold off a number of acres to pay for some renovations to the property).

We saw where the cotton was grown, the indigo as well as the rice. Rice grew poorly, so that was replaced by indigo and more importantly, cotton.

We were able to explore the property where we found areas we allowed to explore as well as other areas that were somewhat off limits. We saw the Hallowe'en exhibits as well as an employee who could run faster than Tom Hanks.

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