Sunday, October 20, 2013

Hampton (featuring Igor and the red Elvises)

Thursday October 17th- Sunday October 20th

We started our day in Deltaville and headed to Hampton. It was a beautiful, cold and sunny day (probably just cause Julio was there). We arrived and got our car so, mom and dad went grocery shopping.......
This is what happens when dad goes shopping:)

We got there late and just in time for dinner so we walked into town and saw signs for dad's favorite band ........
No comment......

Then we had a faboulous dinner at the Conch & Bucket restaurant beside the restaurant with this band playing.

This morning we decided to wake up early.....why? I have no idea, I was sleeping. 
Anyway today dad had a confence call so while he did that and set up for that the rest of us went to the Virginia Air and Space museum. And saw the IMAX movie gravity (which probably wouldn't have been so good when not wearing earplugs).  Very educational & WAY better than schoolwork!

After that was done,we ate dinner on the boat and thinking Julio wasn't traumatized enough we played "Things" and if that wasn't traumatizing enough we don't know what is! 

Today is a very sad day because it is Julio's last day:(
So to celebrate her being here we went to go see how a bunch of people died!
Not exactly ... we went to go to Yorktown and Jamestown to learn about the American Revolution & life a long time ago.  They had a cool live cannon demo & I became a Yorktown Jr Ranger.

Today, we have to take Julio back well Corey and Mom did at 5:30 am (I didn't even know such a time existed!!!!!! 

We already miss you Julio!!!
Only 4 more months till she comes back!  

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