Saturday, September 28, 2013

Widen Your Silo!

We learned that eating typical foods from the Canadian Food Guide can be nutritious and beneficial for your cholesterol, however when on vacation you should lose 10lbs or it is Lipitor for you! 

We had a great time in Sayville, however we were educated that our 'food silo' or the foods that we consume fall within a really, really narrow range of consumables and we really needed to widen the silo. After eating mussels, steamers (remove their heads before you consume them), we decided that we would widen the silo even further,  so we headed to Wildwood, NJ. The two mile long boardwalk was a great place to widen the fact the best place for a pizza with french fries had to be served by this guy...a guy who takes your cash and doesn't bother to wash his hands. Oh, while we are talking about this, here is something interesting...when you ask for a washroom in this restaurant, you are directed to their sink next to the Coke machine. My only hope was this guy was hoping we were going to wash our hand, however we were looking for a washroom/bathroom/salle de bain/lavatory or some other facility....we passed on both.

Must admit, never had a pizza before with french fries on it!

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