Monday, September 16, 2013

The Walk

Today we stayed in port. Shinnecock port that is. We woke up at about eightish to discover that our parents were not with us. They say that they had gone on a long romantic walk on the beach but I suspect that they tried to abandon us and got cold feet halfway through.

After they returned (I don't know why) we just hung around the boat all morning. I got galaga and donkey kong (the original) running through MAME (multiple arcade machine emulator) on my computer. And other people were productive and did meaningful things with their lives.

We went for lunch at around 2. Mom, dad and I all had beef dip, which was piled very very high with roast beef. Katie had very very hot wings. Corey had a steak sandwich. The cheese was too intense for him.

We then walked to the grocery store, which our dockmaster had told us was just a little more than two miles away. After walking three miles, we came across a fruit stand, where we bought some corn and some peaches. The nice woman managing the fruit stand told us that the grocery store was another two miles. So we started walking again. The next time we asked for directions, it was a ten minute walk. 15 minutes later, we were informed we were 20 minutes out. Turns out the last one was an exaggeration, 10 minutes later we got to a grocery store. We got probably 2 weeks worth of groceries. We decided to take a taxi back.

The taxi driver told us that we had walked maybe a mile and three quarters. Google maps said it was 4.7. I'm going to believe google. We had pasta for dinner. The kids were forced to do the dishes. Corey says that since he's 18 he's no longer a kid.

We played a couple of games of cards. Corey and I defeated Mom and Katie 10 to 7 at euchre. Then we went to sleep. The rest was a welcome change.

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