Thursday, September 12, 2013

Seamorr Meets Ocean

Day 6ish...

September 12th is the "day of firsts" on the trip, making it better than any other other date to date. Read the other posts and come to the same conclusion or just take the "15 year old kid approach" and save some effort. Anyways, we were underway before seeing the first sunrise at 6:26 am, this was also the first time someone other than kimmy took a picture of the sun. However seeing as she went back to sleep, it still had to be done. You can cook eggs any style for breakfast, but in the 4ft swells we were now into, they all end up being scrambled in the end. This brings me to the next first: BIG waves. Then BIGGER waves after that. Yes, we already had the first salt spray on the deck but this was the first "deck's awash" salt we got. Taking 6-7ft seas on your beam shouldn't be relaxing unless it somehow rocks you to sleep as Aary Bear and Chopperito slept soundly as their bodies were being tossed to the floor. After our first encounter with mother nature, we got a break in following seas and surfed Seamorr to speeds up to 12 knots all the way into Newport Harbour. Once in Newport we tied up to a floating dock and took the dinghy to Fort Adams. This is the largest fort in the US of A and took years of French design, Irish labor and American dollars to build in an effort to demolish, defeat would be an understatement, an enemy that never attacked. For dinner we took the old harbour launch into town and ate at the only seafood restaurant who didn't serve lobster. So to burn off the calories from a pile of caesar salad we walked through all the touristy shops and played "99" on the boat until bed time, where we were rocked to sleep by the wakes of passing boats.

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