Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Happy Birthday Katie!

We celebrated Katie's 12th birthday by letting her sleep in! Kenn & Corey awoke with the sunrise and we continued our trek up the Long Island Sound.  It was a beautiful warm day with lots of boats out (some setting oyster stakes and lobster traps we had to watch hard for to avoid!).  We arrived in Mystic CT just after lunch.  Its an amazing old fishing town.  We toured around by dingy (only some of us had to duck to get under the 4' bridge at high tide) to look at  huge restored schooners that are preparing to race on the weekend.  Katie then went on to continue celebrating by being thrown in the marina pool by her loving brothers.... and yes she did forgive them enough to share her cake.  The sunrise/ sunset was one of the best yet!  (can you guess which the pic is of ?)

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  1. Happy Birthday, Katie! Looks like you're having a FAB day! Wish we were there. ;) Lots of Love from all of us! MEAV XOXO