Monday, September 30, 2013

Crab 5 - Aaron 0

After waking up at a not so nice marina in Greenwich, NJ we started our journey to Chesapeke, MD with muffins of course . We did a 33 mile run today. Then we arrived in Chesapeke City! After a fun vist to the town hall we had lunch at a cafe and we went to a canal museum :().

Then we came to our funnest (I know, not a real word) part of the day, watching Aaron try to catch a fish or a crab off of our boat. After about 2 hours and like 6 pounds of steak (Aaron used it as bait ), he finally gave up.

Aaron hopes the crab/fished enjoyed his 5 star meal!

Then we had dinner, no not steak but petty close to it. Our waitress thought we were pretty funny, her name was Brittani and she was really nice, but I thought we could have gotten ice cream out of the deal. Katie and Aaron tried to convince dad to play 7 Wonders but we settled for hearts. Then we fell asleep in our 80 dregee Fahrenheit boat.

Top Five Things for Today:
1. Fishing
2. WiFi
3. 11 days 'til Juilo is here (yeah!)
4. Brittani
5. No sandbars.

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