Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day 6 - Montreal

Today the boat had stayed in port all day, we are on foot for the next couple of days, but find our "land legs" are a bit wobbly!!!

Sorry for the late mutiny yet, but Corey is thinking that in the province of Quebec it seems anything goes, so maybe he will take over and drive away!!!

Michelle, Lori and Jacob have joined us today. We toured around the old port, got lost in something called the Labrinth and had an amazing dinner at a restaurant in a very very old building called Gibby's. At night we watched Frsnce's show at the international fireworks festival set to music that was incredible... Took some notes for next year's show in Napanee!

Day 6 trip report - by Corey

Corey says he will email this trip report.... He no longer remembers how to hold a manual writing instrument.... Pens and pencils will become like rocks in caves back in the cave man era so I'm just practicing for the future.... Day 6 began with mr Morrison going out to get amazing croissants and cinnamon bins... After that we walked d around for a while until Lori and jacob arrived

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