Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 2 - August 3rd...

Made it to the eastern part of grenadier Island. We are at 44*26.121 and 75*50.320 for the night. Had to replace the impeller on the generator and we fired up the BBQ and the stove...yummy pasta, sauce and sausages.... Will upload photos when we have wifi...

This is from the trip report - Bryce

First we woke up at around 8:00. After that, we sailed off to Bonnie castle marina to get a part for the generator. Once we got the piece for the generator, we got some lunch at Rum Runners.

When we got done at Rum Runners, we stopped at Singer Castle. We took a tour around the Castle. We were thinking of staying the night, but we didn't because there was no air conditioning.

After dinner, all of us went on the dinghy and we went to an island. On that island, there were some hiking trails. So we decided to follow them. When we got back to SeaMorr, we washed the deck and after that we went to bed.

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