Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day 3 - August 4th...

We are into chyrsler park marina for the night...east of Morrisburg. Went through our first lock. We are tied up and going for dinner...we do have wifi and will upload photos tonight...

From our daily report -Katie

We left Adelaide Island at about 9:00am and we sailed down the St. Lawrence River. We were heading to Brockville, but we were ahead of schedule, we decided to keep going to go to Chrysler Park Marina in Morrisburg. Along the way,we saw 3 huge freighters - Kim, Aaron, katie and Bryce played Monopoly. It was very hot so we anchored at Galop Island and went swimming in a big current. After that, we went through a lock that dropped us 10 inches. Finally we got to Chrysler park marina and went foe a swim in the pool. After a swim, we went for a walk around a field covered in gooses poop. Before we went to bed, we watched talladega movie ever as per Ricky Bobby and Kenn.

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