Monday, April 7, 2014

The SeaMorr Awards!

To finish off an amazing trip we would like to name off some awesome memories.

Best Beach:

1. Honeymoon Beach, Cambridge Cay, Exumas
2. Tropic of Cancer Beach, Great Exumas
3. Coco Plum Beach, Great Exumas (because of all the sandollars) 

Best Restaurant (because it's all about the food):

1. Sticky Fingers, Charleston, South Carolina (our streak continues to be 3 nights in a row)
2. More Sticky Fingers 
2. Even more Sticky Fingers 

Best Colour of Water 

1. There all AMAZING!

Best Deli Sever (yes, just yes):

1. LB (but we called him pound), some small sketchy town on the ICW
2. Can't even compete LB was the best
3. Agree with #2 

Most Annoying Carridge Tour Women:

1. I don't remeber her name but she was on the blue carridge tour, Beaufort, South Carolina (she's gonna get a ticket).
2. After that experience we never went on one again 

Best Museum, (cause Kimmy made us):

1. The Baltimore Aquarium 
2. The Virgina Air and Space Museum
3. My favorite was Ripleys Believe it Or Not, Baltimore 

Best Ghost Walk, (even though I didn't want to):

1. U.S.S Yorktown, Charleston, South Carolina 
3. Beaufort, North Carolina - too SCARY 
P.S if you're wondering why there is no #2 it's because we only did two but I didn't like the ghost walk in Beaufort.

Best Adventure:

1. SCUBA diving, everywhere 
2. Jet Skiing in Key West, Florida
3. Zip Lining in Hilton Head 
This one was tough

Grossest Things That We Ate:

1. Alligator or Gator, Alligator Creek, North Carolina  
2. Steamers or Mussels, Long Island, New York 
3. For Kimmy, Mushrooms  

Best Dingy Adventure:

1. Palm Cay, Nassau (Aaron, Corey, Julio, Jonathan and I went lobstering when there was 4 footers)
2. Exiting North Bimini to go to South Bimini (because we didn't want to take the ferry in 4 footers)
3. Those were the highlights

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