Monday, April 7, 2014

Happy Birthday Aaron!

16 years old today - Wow!

In what has become our boat tradition the day started with Aary's birthday gift  - cereal of course - a Variety Pack this time - 10 kinds of cereal to choose from.  What a treat !  We successfully threw him in the pool - but it is getting to be more of a struggle as he keeps getting taller and stronger. The other people around the pool just stared….

We tried to surprise Aaron, having found a "Sticky Fingers' online in north Miami, however unfortunately when we arrived it was no longer in business.  We quickly realized driving around North Miami wasn't in our best interest, sketchy to say the least,  and we headed back to Fort Lauderdale.  We came across what turned out to be an amazing restaurant for awesome red meat - Prime Rib, Filet, and Ribs - we were all stuffed by the end.  The ice cream cake he requested would have to wait to the next day.

We found a DQ who had a great cake just waiting for us - an excellent choice for breakfast the next day as a 16 yo boy!

We will head to watch the Leaf's play Florida later in the week to complete the birthday celebration.  Happy Birthday Aary!

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