Monday, March 17, 2014

Julia's Blog Post (actually written by her this time)

Let's start from the beginning. As mentioned before in some previous blogpost, jonathin, or johnathan or Jonathan (English is not my first language so this is stressful...) and I paid a visit to Seamorr on mid February and made our way home on the 22nd while the lovely crew continued going south. But little did Corey (or my amazing boyfriend as he likes to call himself) know that Kim had a surprise planned for his birthday.

As expected, Bruce and Donna arrived to Georgetown on the 13th and (laughs and daiquiris happened I'm assuming). But after a few flights and connecting layovers I finally made it to the beautiful Emerald Bay Marina on Great Exuma. I was met at the airport by a very shocked Corey who had absolutely no idea Kim had planned a (late) birthday surprise. Highlights of my visit include:
- The Four C's adventure tour of the Exumas (a.k.a all the cool stuff the Morrison's saw in a month condensed into six hours)
- Hanging out at the pool in Grand Isle
- Sand Dollars hunting at Coco-Plum beach
- Awesome dinner at Sandals
- Beach volleyball &  lunch at Chat'n'Chill
- And hanging out with Corey :)

Your feet will get wet getting out of the taxi

Rum apparently isn't optional for anyone….. 

I'd like to thank the Morrisons for having me (this time and the other ones). Despite the fact that every time I come meet them somewhere south I seem to come down with some malign airborne disease (some just call it a cold), I have no doubt that being at Seamorr is definitely the most fun I've had this year. I am most certainly very grateful for everything they've done for me and I cannot think of a way to thank them enough. I hope they have a very fun, safe, and somewhat not stressful trip back to Canada.

- Julia

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