Sunday, March 16, 2014

Greetings from Napanee

Our stay with the Morrison's started on Thursday March 13th.  We arrived on what turns out to be one of the 5 windiest days they have experienced so far during their adventures.  Corey, Aaron and Katie had "happy hour" all ready to go when we arrived back to Seamorr at the Emerald Bay Marina.  We were so thrilled to see them and be in the Caribbean that the 30 kn winds didn't really impact us until night fall.  We managed to have an amazing evening with lots to catch up on over dinner and many drinks!  Our perfect lounge for happy hour doubled as our bed under the stars.   With the help of motion sickness medication and sea bands firmly in place we weathered night one on Seamorr very successfully. Kenn realized the next morning that mixing his types of  drinks and then being "shaken not stirred all night" by the rough seas was a recipe for sore head the morning after.

Day 2 started early for Kim and the kids with them finishing their scuba rescue certification while the rest of us had a more sluggish and leisurely start with coffee on shore where we got our equilibrium back in check.    We headed to the Tropic of Cancer beach in the afternoon and experienced some local food at the nearby roadside diner.  The big event of the day was a surprise arrival of Julia for Cory's 19th birthday.  For our 2nd night we moved into the nearby resort for a "test drive" of their facilities which were excellent. 



Day 3 took us out for a full day of touring the Exuma Cays with highlights including holding a live star fish that Katie dove for, swimming with tame Nurse Sharks, feeding swimming pigs on a beach (Kenn is known locally as the "pig whisperer"), visiting the grotto they shot a scene from 007 Thunderball, landing on Nicholas Cage's island to take pics of iguanas, and picking up fresh lobster at Farmers Cay. 




Our final day after chilling at the pool we packed up.  Aaron showed off his cautious golf cart chauffeur skills and also his rally driving "drifting" in the Club Car. Kenn and Kim took us back to the airport in the rented first generation Honda Odyssey with right hand drive and Japanese GPS which had all it's wheel nuts unlike their previous rental.

We had a great time in an amazing place and were so happy to connect in Emerald Bay rather than the sap house on Tany Byrn. 

They still have over 50 days of travels left so we will stay tuned for many more stories from the captain and crew of Seamorr!

Donna and Bruce 

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