Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Ship's Channel Cay….awesome spot to hang out!

So….we are basically hanging out in the Bahamas. As we found out, there are 700 islands here and we are slowly discovering each one. Today we spoke to a local and he said while we have 3' of snow at home, he has 3' of sand in the front of his place…and he doesn't shovel the stuff. He also said, why would you want to return to the land of snow and ice? Well, with over 700 islands and more snow falling at home, we either need to pickup the pace in order to see all the islands…..or, hopefully it takes a long time for the snow to melt (perhaps May, June, July, August or some other time later?)

So, we were in Ship's Channel Cay which is on the eastern part of the Bahamas. We checked out the local animals, most of which are Bull Sharks….we dropped the GoPro over the edge to see what was below our 11' dingy. If you are scared of sharks or keep hearing the DU-DU soundtrack from Jaws, no worries, these sharks are vegetarian…..

So, after seeing a bunch of sharks hanging out under our dingy, we decided to go and check out some other animals that are smaller and more reptilian in nature. More specifically, the almost endangered iguanas on the Cay. You see, way back in the 70's, people found the iguanas to be nutritious and delicious, so they thought to shoot them and BBQ them or perform some other type of Hannibal Lector type things to these little dinosaur looking amphibians. So, someone thought that instead of eating all the animals, they should be protected. There is a sign that says, please don't consume these little critters and please don't feed them.

Fred is still single after 23 years….

This is Fred…he is 23 years old, single and loves long walks on the sand. Typically an evening out with him includes a meal of crickets or other insects. He is thoughtful and loves to spend time tanning and increasing his internal temperature by staying in warm climes.

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