Monday, February 3, 2014

Aaron's lost his hair in Norman's Cay

We left Highbourne to anchor out tucked into Norman's Cay.  Corey had read that there was a plane wreck in the waters here, and while we didn't find it, we did see sea turtles, lion fish, rays, conch and crabs (living in the conch shells) and lobster.  We tried our best but again were outdone by the hiding abilities of this crustacean.  We will be back!!  (Kenn plotted the GPS location of this one!)

We found an awesome beach with a sand bar stretching across a cut between the cays.  We started at low tide no problems but as the water came back in it was a bit of a swim through the current to get back to shore.

Real Life postcard view - awesome!

Hermit crab in a conch shell

This is one tough group to get a proper photo of

We raced back to the boats to beat the rain - leaving hatches open can lead to a wet bed otherwise!  Thankfully rain here only seems to last for about 10 minutes then the sun comes back

The next morning Aaron called up the Haas family barber and had a bit of a trim - ok he shaved his head - but he now showers faster than any of us.  Thank you Tara!


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