Sunday, December 8, 2013

"You can't shovel sunshine baby" - Pirate Radio, 102.1 fm Marathon FL

We are working our way down the Keys totally loving the warm days and sunshine. The ocean side has been very windy with big waves so we have travelled mostly on the Gulf side in Florida Bay.  Other than the multitude of crustacean traps and the depths which are rarely more than 5', it's a much more comfortable ride. The dolphins have been back playing in our wake!  We have hopped off the boat and swam while the boat drifts down the bay.

We are now in Boot Key in Marathon - a popular place for retired people who are going to hang out in the sunshine on their boats for the winter. The mooring field is huge with over 200 mooring balls - the anchor lights at night are amazing. They have their own VHF radio broadcast every morning and the most organized library/mail & shower system we have seen yet.

Who knew a restaurant could have a pool??  Sunday was "Funday" at the Sunset Bar & Grille (accessible by dingy of course) and we spent the better part of the day people watching around the pool and enjoying the tiki bar, live music, dancing and happy hour appetizers. Say "Cannon Ball" & see what happens! The sunset was awesome and the dingy ride home in the dark across the ocean, finding the channel and then through the morning field after happy hour .... an adventure!



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