Monday, November 11, 2013

The Morrison's start walking. And continue walking. Then, just for something different, we keep walking. I'm sure we'll get to the destination by the next blog post

So, I want to tell you all about how Mom led us on a really long march, but first we have to cover the basics of what else happened today. So, I present to you, faithful readers,

The world's longest run on sentence, which is used to describe all things that happened today up to the point of the really long walk, and the aforementioned information is being presented in this grammatical nightmare for simplicity's sake.
(note, although the title is a horrible run on sentence, that is not the world's longest run on sentence, it is just a prelude)

So, in this sentence, which is comprised of 270 words, making it among the world's longest run-on-sentences will describe the event's leading up to the event which is the subject of this title which is a really long walk and I would like to warn everybody now that this is a long sentence and you should probably take breaks to breathe because I would feel terrible if someone died of suffocation because they were reading a sentence that I wrote ready let's start with what happened today which includes the following events number one being us arriving in Fernandina beach which is the first place we have been in that is actually in Florida which means that we're now in the southernmost state in the continental United States and number two being that my mom's parent's (from here on referred to as "Granddad" and "Karen") arrived to visit us and number three being that the marina had pretty good wifi which was awesome number four was that after saying hi and telling us that they were staying in the hotel right across the road from us so after we washed the boat we went and visited them and then we went out for dinner and I had a really good steak sandwich and after that we decided to walk to the fort (Fort Clinch, nice place) the next day and then we went to back to SeaMorr and they went back to their hotel for the night and the next morning we started walking to the fort, which is indeed the walk that I mentioned in the title.

So, after all the events described in the above gramatic nightmare, we walked. We thought about taking a taxi, but google mislead us (first time) into thinking that the fort was only 2 miles out. Unfortunately, it was 2 miles to the gate. The fort was another 3 miles past the gate.  Along the way we did find a lighthouse (all long walks seem to involve a lighthouse on this trip) and some signs indicating alligators - but we didn't actually see any of those and lots of trees.

So we walked that too. It was a long way, but I won't bore you with the details. The fort was cool, very much like the last several we have been to (blog posts about those visits are found below this post). Nothing actually happened at this fort, other that in the civil war, when it never saw a single battle. Which I really shouldn't count as a thing. After seeing the fort, we all opted to call a taxi, which made the way back much more bearable. After that we went out for dinner. Then sleep. Sleep was wonderful.

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