Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Morrisons kept walking and finally reached their final destination

If you read Aaron's blog before this one, you will probably see it has poor grammar. You would then think "oh the titles are the same, so this one must have bad grammar too" DON'T THINK THAT! And mine is much better so, read on................

Today started like no other, because Aaron actually woke up at a single digit hour (not by choice, but because mom wanted us to go with her on a shark tooth hunting expedition, on the beach (check her purse - she has a problem)). Which after an hour, she only found four teeth.

Joy, Spirit and Coin enjoyed the sand in their hooves.
Later in the morning I went horseback riding with Karen on the beach. It was fun and all but it would have been more enjoyable if the saddle hadn't been so big. But it was fun, we went for an hour tour and learned Tennessee Walkers (the type of horse) had a very fast run (Im' not doing that again! - ha, ha!).

Karen & I learning to ride Tennessee walkers.

They also had non-human workers (who probably weren't paid). They had a huge Great Dane that would drag a bucket with him, so that the human worker could pick up after our horses (Spirt, Joy and Coin).

After that fun, yet painful experience we desided to go to the beach. We had fun building sand castles and playing in the water. :) 

The water was 78 degrees!

We were building a fort out of sand…coquina works much better for bricks to make a fort!

Then, at the beach mom was feeling generous so she gave her sunglasses to a needy dolphin (not on porpoise). 

Editors Note: Kim lost her sunglasses and if anyone sees the above sea mammal, please ask for them back!

The next day we headed for St. Augustine, Grandad and Karen came with us for a bit. :)

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