Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Morrisons go to Savannah

So. Savannah. I think I may be running out of interesting, original ideas for blog posts. Um..... Hm. Yep. Can't think of anything funny and/or original. I think I'll just tell you what happened. No, wait, what if I write like, a "25 step plan to see Savannah in the exact same way we did". It's not funny. But I haven't done it yet. Ya, why not, let's do that.


Step 1: tie your boat up to the sketchiest dock you can find
Step 2: Decide to move to a different dock, preferably the one at the Hyatt hotel
Step 3: Connect to the aforementioned hotel's wifi network. Which sucked actually. No bandwidth at all
Step 4: explore Savannah by trolley car
Step 5: Find the best breakfast place in the world
Step 6: Order the eggs benedict, which comes on a croissant
Step 7: realize that the breakfast is so good, it deserves three whole steps to describe it
Step 8: Scratch that, 4 steps
Step 9: run into our friends that we met in Ingrams bay
Step 10: take 4 steps to describe them to the loyal readers
Step 11: there's four of them, a mom and dad, a 10 year old son, and an eight year old daughter
Step 12: They're from California. They're taking two years off from real life
Step 13: invite these friends over for burgers
Step 14: swim in the hotel pool
Step 15: Throw dad into the hotel pool
Step 16: Find a grocery store
Step 17: Go to said grocery store. Stock up on supplies.
Step 18: walk back to boat. It's a long walk
Step 19: Eat dinner with our californian friends
Step 20: Sleep
Step 21: Now that it is morning, prepare your boat for departure
Step 22 : Depart.  Avoid pulling out in front of a very big ship with a very big horn. (not us!)
Step 23: Blog about the 25 steps required to enjoy Savannah
Step 24: Even though there are only 23 real steps.
Step 25: The last two are just kinda filler. No real content in them.



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