Thursday, November 21, 2013

1000 Miles….from Norfolk VA

We had just fastened SeaMorr to the floating docks when the heavens began to cry. The cool westerly winds brought rain, thunder and lightning as we buttoned up the canvas on SeaMorr and tucked her in for the night. The sound of crackling kept us awake even though we knew it was a school of sheepshead that were eating the crustaceans that were clinging to life on the wooden piers to which we were attached.

The winds blew and the clouds rolled over our heads through out the evening. The creaking of wooden docks under the weight of our 28,000lb vessel informed us the lines were holding us to our platform to the Earth. Eventually the winds subsided and the moon fell from our view. We were looking forward to the rising sun, however the cumulus clouds shaded it from us.

We untied our lines and began our day, for today is the day that we have traveled over 1,000 miles from Norfolk VA.

As we came to the threshold of 1K, the clouds receded to let us know we have met the milestone only to disappear as quickly as it appeared.

Nothing else happened….here is a screenshot....

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