Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fried chicken and alligator at a gas station.

So I know that, after having read the title, you want me to start talking about dinner. Unfortunately, there are some other things we have to cover first.

Thing 1: the beginning of the day:
I have no idea what happened. I slept in until 11 (#theGoodLife).

Thing 2: going under the bridge and through a lock:
This happened before 11am. I am unaware of the events that transpired.

Thing 3: The Great Dismal Swamp (cont.):
The name doesn't lie. It's pretty great. And also quite dismal. Edgar Allan Poe was there while writing The Raven. The midnights are quite dreary (note the subtle poetry joke that no one will pick up on). The canal is narrow and pretty much the same the whole way down. We got excited about turning left.

photo by Katie :)

Thing 4: waking up:
I don't recommend it. I recognize that it is a necessity for most people, but if you don't fall into the category of "most people" I would advise staying asleep until 10am at least.

Thing 5: Cruising across some sound or other.
Quick note: I learned today that a sound is a body of water. Who knew. I missed most of this cruising because, as I was very very tired from waking up early, I took a nap upstairs (#theEvenBetterLife).

Thing 6: Pulling into port:
We've pulled into port many times. If you would like a description of what goes on, read a past blog post.

Ok. That's done, we can start discussing dinner. It was at the gas station at our marina, and the food was amazing. We had fried alligator bites and corn nuggets as an appetizer. Corn nuggets are bunches of corn the size of your thumb dipped in batter and deep fried. Gator bites are deep fried pieces of alligator. Gator kind of tastes like a cross between chicken and fish (I apologize for any images this comparison may bring to mind). Then, because we had only suffered two heart attacks, we had fried chicken. Which was also amazing.

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