Saturday, October 5, 2013

Aaron: 3, crabs: delicious.

Today, we woke up in Baltimore. And then we relaxed. After which (11ish) we got underway. And then continued to relax. After which we got to our anchorage. Where we --

Aha. You thought I was going to say "relaxed", didn't you? Yes you did. Well we didn't relax. We hunted. We hunted for crabs.

That may have been a bit dramatic of a summary. All we did was took rope, tied chicken and a weight to the end, and tossed it overboard. And every so often we would check the lines for crabs. Which occasionally (7 times) had crabs on them which we would occasionally (3 times) get into a net. And be able to cook. For those who are wondering, here is how to cook crab: place crabs in pot. Pour one can of beer into pot. Turn pot onto high. Wait 15 minutes, remove crab. Eat crab. This last instruction is actually difficult. If you want to know how, look for a video on youtube.

The video below shows how one may have difficulty with putting the crab into a pot.

They were delicious by the way. I would highly recommend crabbing to any readers.


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