Friday, August 6, 2010

Day 5 - August 6th

Day 5 - We have arrived at Port d'escale in Vieux Montreal! It is a beautiful marina right in the heart of the old city!

From the trip report -Kenn

Day 5 trip report is going to be WAY WAY WAY better than day 4 . Day 4 was good but day 5 is probably 20-25% better than crappy day 4- and the trip report ....I've just read it....I had to be woken up 4 times just to get through it. I didn't think I wanted to go back to coffee but knowing what I know now, fire up the coffee pot...

We woke up early and Kimmy saw that the sun actually goes up into the sky....all we had up until this point was sunsets... Now we have our first sunrise- an actual sunrise! After 18 years - our first sunrise picture!!

We set sail & continued along the St. Lawrence...saw more freighters and met some boats heading through the locks....and we couldn't get through the first bridge as the bridge guy didn't speak English & he ignored us..... Luckily we had 3 more French boats coming up behind us!

We started early and got into Montreal @ 5:30 - a long day but we had Frootloops tm and Cinnamon Toast Crunchies for breakfast. had some awesome sausages through the locks and traveling 11 knots where we should have been going 6 knots... On the way into Montreal we had a tough ride up the river with the strong current, and got into our spot for the night.

An awesome Italian dinner of spagetti, shrimp (Aary) & noodles (plus some great bread) made a great dinner.

We went to bed to the loud music on the pier and had a great first night in the Port of Montreal.

Pretty good report eh? Did you fall asleep on this one or not... Didn't think so! And no coffee for me on this one.........

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