Friday, May 14, 2010

Picking up SeaMorr in Marlboro NY

On May 14th, four set out from Syracuse to Poughkeepsie by train in order to bring SeaMorr back to Picton. The four hour train trip allowed us to discuss the trip and more importantly get the final details on the menu planned. Dan was late for our initial meeting, so Kenn, Chris and Cam voted that Dan would be head chef...a great choice on our part.

Departing Marlboro at 5:30am along the Hudson River a wind-less calm that would begin our journey north.

We would journey north to Waterford NY where we would tie up the municipal docks at 6:00pm.....

...but before we reached Waterford, we spent several hours at Coeyman's trying to get parts that were ordered two weeks before our journey....

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