Saturday, March 23, 2019

Shakedown Summary

We just closed and took a voyage from Lake Worth to the Abacos and back. Including visits to West End, Great Sale Cay, Green Turtle Cay, Elbow Cay, Lucaya Beach Marina and back to Jupiter, FL.

10 things we learned on the Shakedown Cruise:

  1. Leaving the Lake Worth Inlet with bumpy 6' seas, however not difficult to handle (boat does a better job than the inhabitants).
  2. FLIR is your best friend. When you are entering a harbour and there are a number of sailboats anchored in the channel, the FLIR can pickup the catamaran on your port side and the two sailboats on starboard.
  3. Pugs....enough said. (Kenn's nose still hurts from explaining the whole pug thing).
  4. The hailer (speaker on the front of the boat) has a built-in careful what you say to the pilothouse when anchoring.
  5. Sea Spray Marina (Elbow Cay) will tell you they have seven feet at low tide. You will have just under five feet at low tide and your boat will list to port.
  6. Even though Kim says it will be flat, Georgia knows Kim is lying.
  7. Tender now has ten hours on it (up from .1 hour originally)
  8. BBQ'ing is better when you are anchored or in port. When underway, the RHS will be much hotter than the LHS.
  9. Water maker makes 22gph of water and your ice cubes become crystal clear (your shampoo won't work, but your ice cubes are awesome!)
  10. Sunrises and Sunsets are pretty awesome when there is no land around, however when you watch the moon set while making a 17 hour passage, that is pretty incredible.

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