Friday, May 30, 2014

Things we have learned on the trip (this will constantly be updated…)

  • 99.9% of people you meet are awesome and have a tale to tell. The .1% of people are just crusty individuals who don't seem to enjoy anything - a true waste of everything.
  • Use soft soap in the shower as that Dove soap will only clog the shower sump.
  • Don't travel on the ICW on the weekends in the Fort Lauderdale and Miami areas. The boaters that are courteous, responsible and respectful are hiding in the marinas, waiting for Monday.
  • Add a hair strainer to the shower.
  • Buy the largest anchor that your boat can handle (and that you can afford) - there is nothing like having a great night sleep when the winds are 25+ knots.
  • When leaving your dingy at the dingy dock, make sure you have a large painter that allows people to move your dingy around so they can get in and out.
  • Sticky Fingers in Charleston has amazing ribs and chicken wings. It is probably best to order them without any sauce and put as much sauce (the green is the best) as you would like on them.
  • Glibert's Marina and Resort in Key Largo has the largest Tiki Hut in the world…and that is about it.
  • Make sure you leave your motor in the water at a dingy dock - it won't puncture another dingy or another fellow boater.
  • Widen your food silo…make sure you "try" - alligator, hush puppies, mussels, clams, lobster, grouper, conch, tuna and of course Coconut Tempura Battered Fish. Grits are something that you shouldn't try as there isn't any value in corn based pablum.
  • Your toe nails and finger nails will grow quicker when hanging out.
  • Grade 7 Math is bizarre…why ask "Is 4,789 divisible by 33?"…in our day, the answer was yes, there just happened to be a remainder - and we figured that out by using long division.
  • Marine 5200 is your friend. WD40 is pretty cool too, however 5200 is awesome.
  • When negotiating for a "whole grouper" in Nassau, make sure you negotiate for the head as well….NOTE: I would have thought the head came with the grouper - evidently it does not. Our taxi driver took the head and said he would boil it.
  • Pigs love to be fed…they will chase you for food - especially watermelon as the pigs and piglets are all over this sweet tasting melon! If you feed pigs ham - actually, don't feed pigs ham.
  • When it comes to hockey, (mens or woman's) Canada kicks butt.
  • Use Explorer charts while in the Bahamas, as they are more accurate than the electronic charts from Navionics.

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