Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Really Creepy Cave

"Hey guys come over here, these little shrimp thingies are eating my feet, come here, try it, it hurts bad, it's ticklish".  Ya I'm not even making this up, Dad actually said this while we were visiting this really creepy and awesome cave on Great Guana Cay.  So a little bit about this cave, its really creepy, I mean really creepy. Like this cave looks like a mouth, a really big mouth. Anyway, we decided to swim in this cave and dad was too scared to swim so he just stood in the water and gat eaten by little shrimpy things. It was creepy! The cave, believe it or not is 500 feet long and goes 70 feet down. It also has fresh water dripping from the ceiling.

The red things are the shrimps

Brave Cave Swimmers

Any ways, it was CREEEPY!

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